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Thursday, December 16, 2004

quick one

--I can't decide if Mr. Turtle needs to go for another swim or not. Maybe I can just scrub at the fins for a bit, because the body is pretty much fine.

--Pasha is he needs to be sewn up too. I HATE SEAMING. There, that's out.

--I made a stress scarf this week. Yeah, I know I should have been working on the sweater, but the mood I've been in (finals and all), I would have screwed them up with the inability to count to 2. So I made a garter stitch Cotton-Fleece-meets-Fun-Fur long-ass scarf. Will probably wear it tomorrow to the party. Heck, I'll probably just wear it tomorrow altogether. It might bring out the pink in my hair that seems to be fading. (I dyed it just over a week ago, and didn't use nearly enough dye. Need to redo it sometime next week.)

--Three gifts will be delivered tomorrow.

--Will work on sleeves tomorrow. About 2 inches before shaping the caps.