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Monday, February 21, 2005


No clever intro, just FOs! (No pic of Clapotis yet, still needs blocking.)

First the felted marsupial tote in its unfelted state. (It's still not felted.) I used less than half of the yarn that was called for in the pattern. Granted, I didn't make the little inside pouch, but that can't make that much difference. (It's on top of a 17" Powerbook for scale.)

Again, I hired my trusty teddy bear to model for me. Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting combined with a simple stockinette hat, both in Jiffy T&Q. I didn't notice the way the variegation striped on the hat until I took the picture.

The Crenellated Toe-Up socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Notice the non-crenellation, which I think is a little picot edging thingy on the cast off. Tried that. Didn't like it. Not a big fan of how this yarn stripes. I still have another ball of it too in light gray, which I might try to get rid of. They look funny laid out, because the heel is across 60% of the stitches, but they're pretty comfortable.

And a basic openwork scarf in what I call "Easter Egg Eros." I might actually wear it on Easter, who knows?