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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Finally, knitting again

Even though things are still a bit chaotic at home, I decided that last night I was going to sit down and knit, and knit I did! I have one more straight repeat on Clapotis (actually, one repeat minus one row, I was going to finish the straight section last night until I seriously almost fell asleep on the knitting), so that's almost done.

Making good progress on the crenellated toe-ups too. Good bus knitting.

Got to look at The Knitted Rug last night. Mom bought it and let me borrow it. I wasn't expecting to be too excited about it, but there's some nice stuff in it. I'll have to make a couple. There's a simple seed stitch mat that would look good in the kitchen, and a spirally short-rowed one that I could put in front of the bed. Mom's liking the mitered square rug that's on the cover.

*considers colors of Sugar and Cream cotton* Yellow and blue for the kitchen, definitely. Bedroom? That's still up for debate.

Still considering what sweater to make next. Despite the voting, I think I'm going to stick with my original thought of Rosedale. I don't need another hoodie at the moment.