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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A poll and a blog contest!

First off, the poll. I feel like swatching for a sweater soon, but I'm being indecisive about which one to swatch for. This is where y'all come in!

What sweater should I make first?
Top-down raglan
Berkshire pullover from Weekend Knitting
Must-Have Cardigan by Patons

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Next: In an attempt to bring lurkers out of the woodwork, I think I'm going to have a "How Many Pairs of Socks Can Jaimi Make?" contest. All you have to do is e-mail me at himeykitty at hotmail dot com (with a subject sort of resembling "blog contest") with the number of pairs of socks you think I can make from my stash. Assume that 100g of yarn makes a pair of socks (I like short socks, so I can get a pair from less than that, but just to make things easier.) Also include your favorite color in the e-mail. The deadline is next Monday (the 31st) at 9am Eastern time, and I'll announce the winner sometime that day. The prize is...what else? Sock yarn! (Which is why I asked for your favorite color.) If you have a blog, put the address in your e-mail too. I promise not to buy any more sock yarn before the end of the contest.