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Thursday, January 20, 2005

There are currently no pictures on my blog.

I need to fix this problem IMMEDIATELY. (These pictures will be broken Saturday night into Sunday morning. My host e-mailed to tell us about maintenance during that period. So if you read this then, just come back after Sunday morning.)

Don't mind the moisturizer holding down the corner. It was the only way to stretch it out so you could see all the pretty ladders. I made my Clapotis slightly narrower (only 4 repeats of increase rows rather than 7), and this is 7 repeats through the even rows. Note to self: Clappy in pure wool was NOT a good idea. Those ladders are hard to coax down.

Just as I thought, I finished them. Here's one of them. (Ignore the hole at the corner of the short row heel. I was too impatient to wear them to fix it....and you'll see why in the next picture. And for the record, my legs are not really gray.)

The first useful object I've crocheted. The yarn is some random old Sirdar something-or-other from one of the boxes my advisor gave me. See the shirt I'm wearing? See how perfectly it matches the Kroy socks? Yeah. Totally by accident. (Kelly joked about buying my clothes to match my yarn.) Oh, and feel free to admire my eyebrows. I had them waxed tonight for the first time ever, and I feel so....kempt. (No, I don't believe the root of "unkempt" is actually a word. That's still the best way to describe how I feel though.) I'm talking to the Boy on the phone in the picture. He says hi.

I still have to take pictures of a few other things. The stress scarf, most notably. I missed a few Christmas presents too, but those are long gone. Presents on the whole were well-received and are being used by the recipients. Go me.