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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I think I'm going to change the terms of the YNBA

*sigh* I was going to try to last until February 1, but that's coming up soon and my stash is still huge. Huge huge huge huge huge. So I think I'm going to change it to not buying more yarn until I finish a certain number of projects from my stash.

Of course that leads to questions. Do I count the commuting socks I make as projects? And what about my gift certificates to Joann's and to the yarn store? Can I use those, or do those have to wait as well? (Could buy books with them, I suppose.) And do the UFOs in my sidebar count, or do they have to be new projects from stash? If I learn to spin, does roving count?

You know, if I change the rules, I can make the new rules. So there's no use in agonizing over these's whatever *I* feel is good. new yarn until I finish 10 new projects from stash. Significant projects, not stupid little beanies that I make just for the hell of it. (At least one of them will be a sweater, since I have a number of sweater-sized batches.) I think I will allow myself to spend the gift certificates as long as it's on yarn that has a purpose. And I need to finish 2 of the 3 UFOs that I have on the sidebar AND all the current WIPs. (And sew Kelly's sweater together too, which goes without saying.) Also, the more yarn I can unload on eBay or whatever, the better. I've got a bunch sorted out, it's just the actual posting of the auctions. (Anyone who reads this interested in Noro Iro?)

I'm putting this out there for accountability. We'll see how long I can last.