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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Today I:

--cleaned out my closet and made room in front of my Yarn Wall.
--ordered a present for my Secret Pal receiver.
--received a Chinese New Year e-card from my Secret Pal giver.
--almost finished the toe-up socks (at least the tube part...have heels left to put on them).
--will finish the marsupial bag, except for felting, and I'm not making the pouch and the i-cord.
--sorted out some yarn to send as presents to a couple LJ-er/blogger pals.
--realized I still have way too much yarn in the stash.
--successfully avoided buying more yarn.
--wondered where the heck I'm going to get rid of several, single, uncoordinating balls of Cascade Fixation.
--listened to a LOT of bad music, and loved every minute of it.
--looked at my TKGA Level 1 yarn, considered it, and put it aside again.