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Monday, February 07, 2005

To Rowan or not to Rowan....

...that is the question.

So I've been toying with the idea of a Rowan membership.

Pro: I love Rowan magazine.
Con: It's $44 for an American sub, and it's only two issues.
Pro: And free yarn! I've been seeing the free gift around the blogs, and it's 4 skeins of $11 yarn. Rowan Cork...their chained merino. 120 yards per ball, so a fairly reasonable amount.
Con: Do I *really* need new yarn????
Pro: I love Rowan magazine.
Con: I just checked's still $44 for a sub.
Con: And it won't fit in my mailbox. Possibly the stupidest excuse I've ever made.

What to do....?

Started the Marsupial Tote tonight. It's a fairly quick knit, but once I'm done, it will take a bit until I get to a non-coinop washing machine to felt it. And I really think the yarn requirements are overstated, but since I'm only a couple inches up the sides, I could be wrong.