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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lord, Blogger is slow from campus


Okay, I'm done yelling and screaming and dancing around the room.

No, not really.

I took a picture this morning just before leaving for work. (Will post it later.) It looks a little odd..I think I knit it a bit looser than I should, because it acts more like an amorphous blob than a rectangle. (Is that a characteristic of knitting diagonally?) That's okay, it's still cozy and warm. I ended up just doing a single crochet edging...I looked at the applied icord edging again and realized that I really don't like picking up stitches all that much. The crochet edging took maybe half an hour, if that, and the last part went slowly because I was on the phone while doing it. But now I have almost 4 skeins (maybe 3 and 2/3) of Homespun left and absolutely hate hate HATE working with Homespun. Anyone want it? Please? Bueller?

Then, around 11:30 or so last night, since of course after the time change I'm having insomnia worse than ever, I had a random novelty yarn craving. I know, I know, totally not me. So I pulled out a hank of On Line Plush from the cedar chest and went to town. I wound it by hand and really should have taken a picture of the ball. It was about candlepin-bowling-ball sized and very fuzzy. I started knitting and immediately christened what I was working on as the Clown Barf Scarf. (The Roomie suggested that it looked like what would happen if you threw up after eating a bowl of Trix, but I like the rhyme of my title.) Two hours later, I had a long skinny fuzzy scarf. The colors pooled really randomly...this picture will come later too.

I got the new Knitpicks catalog today, with the knittable samples everyone's going crazy about! I haven't knit any of them up yet, but I'm already in love AND lust with the Andean Silk. SO SOFT! I must have a sweater out of that. (Must knit from stash for a while first.) Hopefully next month they'll send knittable samples of the sock yarn and the laceweights. It's a really good marketing technique I's not like anyone can go to the store and fondle a ball of Knitpicks Merino Style before buying it. Without the samples it's sight-unseen, feel-unfelt, which of course was making me a little wary of buying some myself. I know people are posting reviews of it, but that doesn't really substitute well for first-hand experience. However, that won't stop me from posting reviews myself once I knit the samples.

*tries not to order entire line of KP yarn*