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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pictures! Just what you've been waiting for! (All, what, 4 of you, including the people I know? *grin*)

So like I said, I got a package from my secret pal! I opened the package to find...

Which was filled with...

Which revealed...

Clockwise from bottom right:
Hello Kitty notecards
Luv 2 blog post-it notes
Plastic measuring tape
Louet laceweight linen with matching beads
Altoids tangerine
Magnetic photo frame
(There was a cat toy shaped like a fortune cookie as well, but that was long gone by the time this picture was taken. At least I hope it was a cat toy, because my cat and my roommates' cat certainly thought it was and went to great lengths to find it and play with it.)

Thank you Secret Pal!

And one more picture:

After felting. On the same laptop it was photographed on before felting, for size comparison.