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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Blogging's going to be sporadic for the next week or so....because knitting's going to be sporadic to nonexistent for the next week or so. Yep, I marathon-knitted myself into a case of tendinitis in my thumb/wrist area. Granted, the doctor said I could knit for short periods of time if I could do it with the wrist brace on, but I can barely hold my hand in the proper position for typing with this thing, so it's doubtful. I'll just have to occupy my time by posting more yarn and all that, and possibly attempting to work on a nice light sock, rather than the big heavy Afghan of DOOM. (Does anyone else name their projects like this? I tend to name only the ones that irritate me, otherwise I just call it the name of the pattern, or maybe add on the recipient's name to that if it's not for me.) It may be on a circular, but it's still bloody heavy.

Any suggestions on what I do while watching TV without my needles?