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Monday, March 28, 2005

Another interview

I know I already did this interview thing, but when Lauren offered to interview people, I had to jump on!

1 What are you studying in graduate school? what are you researching?

Short answer: Computer science. Long geeky answer: I'm getting my masters degree (possibly going to switch into the PhD program, still contemplating) in computer science, with an emphasis in artificial intelligence/natural language processing. My research is in problem solving dialogues, specifically in deciding what information to volunteer and what questions to ask during a problem solving dialogue.

2 What is the most challenging thing that you have ever knitted?

Honestly, nothing I've knit is all that challenging. Probably the most challenging would be the sweater I knit for Kelly, Pinup Queen from Stitch N Bitch, simply due to the seaming. I've never been good at sewing in any way, shape, or form. I need a challenge soon, anyone have any thoughts?

3 Do you like any other crafts besides knitting?

I haven't found anything else I'm really into. Probably the closest I get is trying to make my own beaded stitch markers, but I may start making jewelry too if I decide I like that.

4 Where is your dream vacation destination?

I could cop out and say an around the world cruise...but nah. I'd love to go to Stitches (East or West, doesn't matter!) but I'd never find anyone to go with me (I'm the only obsessive knitter that I know). Barring that, somewhere warm and sunny, somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico maybe?

5 What is your favorite TV show?

Current or past? Past I'd have to say the Muppet Show and Sex and the City. Dawson's Creek is becoming an addiction as well. Currently, I tend to watch "domestical TV"...stuff on HGTV and TLC like Clean Sweep and Design on a Dime, and Food Network shows like Good Eats and Emeril. I'm also being sucked into Nashville Star.