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Monday, April 04, 2005

Another interview...

...this one from Alice.

1. you have an adagio link on your main page so i'm going to go out on a limb and assume you like tea... what's your favorite variety/flavor?
Depends on my mood. I haven't actually tried the tea I got from Adagio for putting the link up yet *blush*, but I'm mostly a green tea kind of girl.

2. what's the next project on your to-do list that you could actually see yourself wearing, not just knitting for the process?
Most likely Rosedale. I'm a sucker for cardigans. Actually, any of the sweaters I have up there. I love sweaters. I live in Maine, I have to love sweaters :-)

3. how did you learn to knit? have you always had an interest in crafty stuff?
I think originally my grandmother tried to teach me, but I didn't have that kind of patience back then. Somehow it stuck though, so I spent afternoons as I got older knitting innumerable squares with this horrible aqua colored Red Heart my mom gave me. My knitterly side disappeared when I hit high school except for an ill-conceived plan to knit my then-boyfriend a sweater. (I actually gave up on the sweater before giving up on the boyfriend.) Then it disappeared again until I was in grad school and needed something to destress. When I was younger, I also cross-stitched, but knitting appeals more to my need to be useful even when I'm doing something I enjoy.

4. how in the WORLD did you end up in a field such as yours? what lead you to that specific focus?
Funny you should ask! My undergrad degree was in English, but I decided during my last semester that it wasn't what I wanted to do. I puttered for a couple years in retail and took up computer-geekdom to keep my brain from petrifying. Then I decided to go back to school for computer science...ended up in natural language processing when my advisor, upon learning of my English background, said what amounted to "you're mine!" So, here I am :-)

5. money's not an object, space is not an object. what yarn do you IMMEDIATLY stock up on, just incase there's a sudden halt on production?
Hoo boy. Hardest. Question. Ever. Do I go for the basic I reach for time and time again, or do I go for a yarn that I would love to roll naked in, provided I had enough of it? Worsted, DK, fingering? Tough call. I'm going to have to say Koigu, because unless money is no object, I can't really afford it on a grad student's stipend! I've only worked with it once, making the ubiquitous Charlotte's Web, but watching the colors unfold was an experience to remember.