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Thursday, March 31, 2005

March recap and April goals

Here are the goals I had for March, now to let you know how I did on them

1) FINISH Michael's blanket and get it sent off. He graduated 9 months ago, lord I'm slow. Would have happened if not for the tendinitis. I'm starting to feel better enough that I could try picking it up again for short periods at a time, but I'm probably not going to have it done for another couple weeks.
2) Finish all current WIPs. Everything I'd started before the beginning of the month is finished, except for that damn Afghan of DOOM.
3) Continue stash pruning. (HINT *grin*--I'm actually taking a bunch to Goodwill, stuff that was given to me that I will probably not use) Going well. Posted some more yarn yesterday, but should start putting some on eBay and going through my current stash AGAIN.
4) Spoil the hell out of my poor Secret Pal, who, due to an Amazon issue, hasn't actually gotten anything from me yet. (Mailing a really good package tomorrow though.) Yep. Got another package-worth of stuff to send out soon, but I'm still trying to find just that perfect accent for it.
5) At least start a spring sweater of some sort, possibly Oat Couture's Bistro Top. Yep. Did that, that exact sweater as a matter of fact.
6) Figure out what I'm going to do with all the random FOs I have that I knit because I wanted to knit them and not because I actually wanted to *have* them. (Yep, I'm definitely a process knitter.) Yep. Ended up donating a lot of them to charity.

So, not bad. I'm happy with this. Now for the April goals:
1) Finish Afghan of DOOM. Should be doable as long as I don't try to do it all at once like I did this month.
2) Finish all current WIPs.
3) Find my poor lost pearl beaded scarf and work on it.
4) Continue the destash project.
5) Find a pattern for my laceweight linen.
6) Finish up SP4 with a bang for my recipient *ponders Knitpicks yarns*