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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

just an update

I'm wearing a pair of handknit socks today, the second pair I knit, as a matter of fact, and I'm realizing that I knit them at way too loose of a gauge. All I can feel when I walk are thousands of little purl bumps pressing into my feet, rather than a solid, cohesive fabric. Fortunately, the socks I'm working on now are at a much finer gauge (I measured them at 8.5 spi) and hopefully I will not have this problem with them. Oh well.

The knitting part of the Afghan of DOOM is done! I just need to crochet an edging (something simple, but not too simple (single crochet, bah), and manly, any suggestions?) and weave in some ends. Then I'm not sure if I'm going to send it out or hang on to it in the hopes that Boy and I head out there this summer. I should just send it to him, since it's been so long.