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Monday, May 09, 2005

Yeah, I'm still here....

I've just been knitting too much to blog about it!

Well, in the interest of full disclosure, last week was finals week too, so I was trying to wrap some stuff up in the lab (which is where I usually post from, when I'm taking a break from reading/coding/whatever) and finish up a paper for one of my classes, so the last thing I wanted to do was be on the computer any more than I had to be. But that does mean that when I wasn't doing work I was knitting.

So, the FO Recap!

Bistro Top? I'm up to the sleeve increases on the front, which means I'm almost to where I separate the right shoulder from the left, and it seems to me that it's going to go faster than the back did. Two sets of y rows over x stitches always seems quicker to me than one set of y rows over 2x stitches. (Knitting algebra! Though I suppose we should really write it as 2*t(y,x) < t(y,2x) if we're being all algebraic. Okay, I think that settles it. I'm officially geekier than I ever imagined.)

Samantha's Fixation Socks? Completed one sock yesterday, and am about an inch into the cuff of sock #2. I never seem to have a problem with SSS (Second Sock Syndrome, for those non-knitters I keep around), but that could be that I haven't knit a sock pattern yet that bores me. Give it time, I'm sure I'll find one. I printed out a whole bunch of sock patterns recently, so I'm overwhelmed by my choices for the next pair.

Cinco De Mayo Pi Shawl? This was not named because of the colors (far from it, I'm using Magic Stripes in Purple Pattern, rather blah), but because I started it while I was enjoying a frosty cold Mexican-inspired beverage with Kelly on the 5th of May, which of course is Cinco De Mayo. I've gotten through most of the increase rows, but the rows keep getting longer...and longer... *pant* As long as I remember to click my row counter, it's perfect brainless knitting. (Hence why I started it while enjoying a frosty cold beverage.)

Right. That's all of them. Don't I usually have more going at a time than this? I'm having the new project itch now.