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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Words and stuff

Mostly responses to comments from the last couple of posts.

Okay, for the record, that afghan is not nearly as big as it looks in the picture. That's a 3.5x5 foot rug it's sitting on.

Suz, I swear the scarf was coming to life as I was knitting it! I wouldn't be surprised to get home one day to find it lounging in my papasan chair knitting its own scarf. (And you're not dumb. Especially if you get my posts through Bloglines. It's not like it pops up with all related posts when a new post comes up *grin*)

The Pez dispensers came from Beth at Big Geek. She posted a picture on her blog one day and I commented and begged her to send me some. I don't even particularly like Pez, but as you know, I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty. One's just plain HK, one's an Easter bunny HK.

The afghan is remaining the Afghan of DOOM. The only change in the name is the "neverending" part has been removed since, well, it finally ended.

Gina, unless you have a high threshold for boredom, don't knit an afghan unless you knit it in squares! (I'm considering the Great American Aran Afghan at some point if I ever find the book...I'm sort of halfheartedly not looking for it yet.)

The socks are the Peaks and Valleys pattern from the book Knit Socks (y'know, the cute one that's shaped like a sock!) The yarn is Plymouth Sockotta. I realized that the socks are a WEE bit too short for my monster feet, but since I (1) didn't swatch *hangs head* and thus (2) didn't have a swatch to test-wash, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they bloom a little bit. (Incidentally, the only thing I ever swatch for is sweaters and I don't think I swatched for my chickami. I figure socks are small enough that if the gauge is way off, I won't mind ripping them.)

I tried Magic Looping the other day, and though it takes a little getting used to, it's not bad. It took me a while to get the hang of positioning the working yarn when I ended a needle so it didn't create a little extra loop over the needles, but after that it was smooth.

I'm going through dishcloths quite quickly. They're turning into my small traveling project, because I figure since I'm not going to wear socks again until October if I can help it (yes, it is once again sandal weather in Maine!), I can take my time on making more socks. Though I'd really like to get through my supply of sock yarn so I can start buying more. Maybe I will start another pair of socks tonight. (Found some good patterns written for Fixation, and I have 3 pairs worth of that.)

Okay, I've rambled enough.