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Friday, April 29, 2005

Bistro has survived

I decided not to frog my poor Bistro Top. Four reasons:

  1. Kelly gently reminded me of seam allowance last night when I was looking at it
  2. I looked at the pattern last night, and it's designed with quite a bit of ease
  3. If it's a little big, no big deal, I'll probably wear it through the summer then either give it away or frog it, one or the other
  4. I'm still on gauge, believe it or not
Surprisingly, the colors are coming together nicely. No pooling or striping, it just looks like what variegated yarn should look like. I'm almost through the sleeve increases on the back (it's a cap sleeve top, so it looks sort of like this:

\ /
| |
| |

Add a collar and a V-neck to that horrid line drawing, and you pretty much have it. The comfort of sleeveless, with the shoulder-sunburn-protection of sleeves.