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Thursday, April 28, 2005


So those of you who actually come to my blog to read my entries (rather than Bloglines or my LJ feed) might have noticed a new button on my sidebar reading "a different kind of yarn diet." It was Sharon's idea to combine a yarn diet with a, well, diet-diet. That's not my dilemma. Since the yarn store moved to someplace completely inconvenient for me, I haven't had the urge to buy yarn, at least not a very strong urge. (Though I suddenly want to go to Joann's and buy every last skein of Cotton-Ease they have...I've never even used Cotton-Ease, but attach the word "discontinued" to anything and suddenly I WANT...they could discontinue raisins and I'd go buy all I could find.) So not buying yarn until I lose weight...doable.

The problem is using the yarn I have while I'm losing weight. AKA, I want to knit a couple of sweaters before the fall. (Yeah, I'm ambitious, maybe just one sweater.) If I knit it in my current size, it'll be way too big. (I'm optimistic.) If I knit it in any other size, it won't fit in some way when the weather is appropriate for it. It'll be too big, too small, or something. But the Silk Garden and the Lamb's Pride are quite loud in their desire to be knit up. What do I do? (Besides frog the current Bistro Top. Somehow even though my gauge is on, it's looking way wider than the size I'm knitting. I really should frog it and start over.)

(Non-knitting note: I'm starting to think I should go on a parentheses diet as well.)