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Sunday, May 01, 2005

April progress and May goals

Confidential to Greta: I got my TIGER this morning, but unfortunately he has to remain in the box until I get home from work today.

Edit: Before you get excited, I'm talking about this and not this.

So here are the goals I had for April and how I did on them:

1) Finish Afghan of DOOM. Should be doable as long as I don't try to do it all at once like I did this month. DID IT! (Granted, it's still sitting on my shelf waiting to go out.)
2) Finish all current WIPs. Everything but the Bistro Top. I was having ambivalence issues (see 2 entries ago) but now I have 2 rows to go until the back is finished. I'll be able to finish it this month.
3) Find my poor lost pearl beaded scarf and work on it. It was found, but no work was done on it. It is now officially a YEAR-OLD UFO.
4) Continue the destash project. Oh yeah, this has been fun. I've sold more yarn, done some stash shopping for my SP, and knitting stuff up. Yay!
5) Find a pattern for my laceweight linen. Found a beaded scarf pattern at Elann. Might have to halve the beads, since I don't think I have quite as many as called for, but it'll still be pretty.
6) Finish up SP4 with a bang for my recipient *ponders Knitpicks yarns* I still have one more package to send usual, I'm late with the Big Reveal. *sigh*

May goals:
1) Finish current WIPs. (Typical goal.)
2) Continue destash project. (Again, typical.)
3) Start a project for someone other than myself. (I have a couple lined up.)
4) Mail Michael's afghan.